about me

I am glad you found my website!

Art can help with the many challenges in our lives.
Making Art can be liberating.
Giving art can be surprising.
Art can help us to reinvent the world, to see it differently.

What does art do to me?

I express my feelings through my paintings and drawings. With that I show what lives in me and how I experience things. I translate my experience into color and shape. Without creating I wouldn’t know how to deal with my feelings. Art (making) is pure necessity for me. Doing it is living.

Color as the essence

Color is my main source of inspiration. I believe in the power of color. Color – only visible with light – is and gives energy. Allowing color (and therefore light) into your life is enriching and exciting.


My work – sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative – is very diverse and is not limited to one theme. I have a good feel for which colors are needed to discover and create emotion, space and form. My work is often playful, always pure and completely unique.
Since 2022 I (actually) only work abstractly. I play with (the power of) colors, looking for unity, harmony and balance.
In 2022 I also decided to cancel both my business FB account (where I posted weekly for ten years until then) and my Instagram account. That felt like an exiting, but also good decision to me. It didn’t make me happy anymore.

What can you do with my art?

• All paintings – with the exception of those on the Commissions page – are for sale
• I also work on commission, see my Commissions page.

Every season I place new paintings and/or drawings on my website on the Selected work page.

But actually you have to see art in real life. So: come by, you are most welcome.